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ABV 6.5%

Ezekiel's Wheel Pale Ale

Pale Ale
Ezekiel’s Wheel.   6.3% ABV Pale Ale.  Hoppy and Tightly malted.  Aromatic and Prompt. Produced Year Round.    12oz 6 packs. Cans on the horizon. “The path of the righteous Ale  is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil beer.” Or something like that. We call it  “ZEKE”, but our flagship Pale Ale, doesn’t like to be called anything but great.  From UFO’s to being Killed By Death, Our sickle riding,kitty petting, parchment cure is always ready. 
ABV 8%

Cannon Dragger IPA

 Cannon Dragger  7.5% ABV India Pale Ale.  Hoppy?  Yeh. it’s hoppy.  It’s got some malt in too.  12 oz 6 packs. Cans on the horizon.            In 1864 the 20-pounder cannon was the largest field gun used during the American Civil War, with the barrel alone weighing over 1,800 pounds.  What beer would you want to imbibe once you dragged that cannon up a Georgia mountain?  We know.
ABV 9.5%

Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout

Graham Cracker Stout
Big Shanty. 9% ABV. Graham Cracker Stout. Thick. Yummy. All that and more. The premier year round GA stout! 12oz 4 packs.                                                                                                                                           As the train tracks that are across the street from our brewery were being built in the late 1830s, Small shacks (shanties) arose a homes for the workers.  A grade up from the Etowah River to where we are now  became known as “the big grade to the shanties”, then “Big Shanty Grade”, and finally “Big Shanty”. Made with REAL Graham Crackers…by the way. Are you thirsty yet?
ABV 9%

Fighting Bishop Belgian Style Trippel

Peppercorn Trippel
Killed just about a mile from the brewery, Leonidas Polk , an ordained bishop and Confederate general, was nicknamed “The Fighting Bishop”. Our Bishop is a Belgian Trippel spiced with green peppercorns. With a higher power on his side, The Bishop sits as a melding of a style 500 years old mixed with a fresh flavor.
ABV 11%

Old Wooden Head Head Imperial IPA

Imperial IPA
John Bell Hood was called “Old Wooden Head” by his troops for his tenacity and hard headed-ness. Our ale is just that. Full of hops (how many? we donʼt know) Full of Malt (we shut a whole field down) this extreme gravity beer will not stop until you surrender to itʼs amazing flavor.[/beer_title]
ABV 8%

Courageous Conductor Red Velvet Porter

Red Velvet Cake Porter
The General , steam engine extraordinaire, was hi jacked by Union spies. It took itʼs conductor William Fuller to chase them down and bring the train home. Our tribute to his bravery and balls, is a “courageous” take on the fruit porter. Raspberry. Cherry. Vanilla. This chocolate hero will chase you down too!
ABV 12%

Kill Dozer 12 Pt Buck Ale

12 Pt Buck Barleywine
As loud as the Madison WI band we got the name from, Killdozer is a huge barleywine aged for 2 months in whiskey barrels. Our first beer named for bands that we love and hold dear, this ale will roll over you and have you singing the grunge/bombastic blooze booze.
ABV 7%

Quarterly Offerings

Blood Orange IPA
✪ The Didjits Blood Orange IPA
✪ White Flag Imperial Wit.
✪ 9353
✪ Die Kreuzen Imperial Pumpkin Porter
✪ Eerie Von’s XXXmas Spiced Apple Ale.
✪ Killdozer Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine
✪ VOID American Wild Ale
ABV 7%

Past and Present Acts

Blood Orange IPA
✪ Charred Walls of The Damned – Belgian Barleywine aged in whiskey barrels ABV 13%
✪ Corrosion of Conformity Imperial Rum Raisin Porter.
✪ The Governor’s Pike Carrot Cake Belgian Dubbel ABV 8%
✪ 668, The Neighbor of the Beast.

The Brewery

Founded in 2011 here at 2260 Moon Station Court #210 Kennesaw, GA. We have seen amazing growth over the past 5 years. After getting our final approvals from the state of Georgia, we brewed our first beer on April 1 2012. Operating as a self financed Nano Brewery, (meaning we are producing under 200 Barrels of beer a year) we have spent our time learning the beer business. We’ve built some of the strongest brands of beer in the state! We’ve received a ton of social media and old school media coverage, and we’ve built an ‘Army” of fans. Now we are now on the verge of the next step.

Welcome to 2014. We are on the verge of an expansion. With the blueprints in hand and the knowledge that we can make beer that people like, we are going from NANO brewing to MICRO brewing. Plans are now in place for us to remodel our base to handle the size of the new system and fermenters that are on order.

What does the expansion mean to us, and to you? Well, to us, it’s a chance to really start seeing some of the blood, sweat, and tears of the last year finally begin to pay off. We have a good/bad problem; we can’t make enough beer! Going from a 2 bbl kettle to a 20 bbl kettle will be enough for us to put 10 times the number of kegs out in the market. To you, that means more BHB availability!

Keeping with our mantra “TO BE MINIMAL, WOULD BE CRIMINAL!”, we plan to keep the same level of “OOMPH” in our beers. The smaller system allowed us to monitor and control EVERY ounce of our beers. Going to 20 BBL (which may seem HUGE) will allow us to keep our same standards of brewing, and maintain the “magic” of what we were able to produce here in the start-up. In fact, it will make it a hell of a lot easier to make a hell of a lot more beer!

We’re trying to update the website regularly, so please check ‘The Latest’ section, for our most up to the date information.

We’ve had requests for people to meet and trade beers at BHB open houses. Officially, (read: “Legally”) Non BHB brewery beers cannot be opened and/or consumed on the property of a brewery during a tasting /tour. If you want to trade non opened beer bottles with others at the tasting, that is fine. Just don’t drink them.

If you decide to open and drink one, you’ll be asked to pour it out. That would be heartbreaking to all involved including us. PLUS… No BHB bottles can be traded. Due to law, no sales can be done on brewery property. Hopefully the GA laws will be a little looser, but until that happens, that’s our policy on outside beer consumption.


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Saturday: 1:00pm  – 8:00pm/Sunday: 1:00pm – 4:00pm


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2260 Moon Station Court. #210
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